Barkat Ki Dua

Barkat Ki Dua ,” The prophet (p.b.u.h) said the one who will recite surah yaseen daily once in the early morning will have 70 wishes come true and he/she will have such a barkat in life that even small amount of wealth and money will full fill  his/her basic necessities of life.but shall pray 5 times so shall stay in god’s protection

Dua For Success

The one who is looking for general success in life or is facing failures in life for whatever he does he shall perform this to get out of all the troubles and hurdles:

  • Recite surah muzamil for 11 times before maghrib same time
  • recite chal qaaf after magrib prayer sitting at the same place
  • then read 7 salams from quran
  • don’t talk to anyone until finish
  • don’t leave your place until finished

Do it for 41 days and then leave reading surah muzammil but chal kaaf and 7 salams will be your lifetime wazifa for success and no black magic or evil eye will affect you.this was the secret i revealed to you.