Dushman Ko Barbad Karne Ki Dua In Hindi


Dushman Ko Barbad Karne Ki Dua In Hindi ,” Ha Ya Hukku Bihaki Tunkafeel”. “Ya ka hiru zul batshi la yetuku Intakaam Ya mahiru ya qahiru”. Recite this amal 41 times per day till when it’s complete 3172.

Dushman Se Hifazat Ka Amal

Dushman se hifazat ka amal is useful for, guide yourself from enemies. When yourenemy want to harm you and giving you suffer and tries to make your life hard and panic, You should use this amal. This amal will protect you from enemies. If you have any fear from enemy you should recite amal of dushman se hifazat. Roohani amal is also very useful for protecting from enemies. Read this Rohaani amal 321 time in a day after

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