Taweez Her Kism Ka Hukm Manwane Ke Liye



(1). To Vacant the House or Shop:-

Taweez Her Kism Ka Hukm Manwane Ke Liye For Getting Our Any Order To Be Fulfilled”,Sometimes, it happens that the “LICENSEE” ignores to leave your house or Shop and not even pays the rent time-to-time,upon this he thinks himself the ‘Owner’ or ‘Licensor’ of your house or shop. So, in order to get rid of such Licensee’s, the Owner should read this Taveez for 40 days after Namaz-e-Asar for 11 times. After this or after completing this process for 40 days, dig this Taweez in your house or shop which you want to vacant. Inshallah, Licensee will on his own leave or vacant your house or shop.


(2). To get rid of Enemies:-

Many a times, it happens that people get converted into each other’s enemies on a very few or simple talks. In other case some may get into enmity due to the feeling of jealousy from each other. So, in order to get rid of such enemies this Taveez plays a vital role. One should read the Taweez for 7 days, 7 times each day and after reading pray to Allah to get rid of this enmity. After this pack this Taweez in any clean cloth and tie It to any “Electric Pole”, Inshallah, soon you will get rid of your enemity and from your enemy too.


(3). Your peace and harmony:-

If you are facing Quarrelsome in your house, shop, factory, society, etc. or when brothers and sisters are not in a position to bear each other. So , in this case you could take into use this Taveez it is useful in the sense that one should read this Taweez for 7 days and 7 times each day and blow the readings on water. After this if you want peace, friendship in any relative matter or particular place then sprinkle the same water on that particular place. Keep Taweez along with you. Inshallah: peace, friendship & harmony comes to your doors.


(4). To Get Success In Legal Case:-

In order to get success in any legal or justice case, head this Taveez daily for 11 times and keep the Taweez alongwith you until the case gets finished. On every date of court’s case after Namaz-e-fajr mix & stir one Taveez in water and facing the against Party sprinkle the same water towards sky. Inshallah, You will definitely get succeed in . your case and the case will be in your favour Legally.

(5). To get rid from Imprisonment:-

To get rid of case, the imprisoned person or his friend should read this Taveez daily for 111 times and the Taweez must be kept alongwith the person who is imprisoned. Inshallah, very soon the person will be out of imprisonment ( jail).


(6). To bring back the person who had left home:-

Wanted and missed children or adults or the person who had left and runned leaving the house, in order to meet or bring them bace one must tie this Taveez from thick thread and hang it to any branch of tree in such a way that the Taweez swing the runner, wanted or missed person’s heart will force him to be back home or to return to home. Inshallah, the problem will be solved.


(7). To convert unfavour person:-

Whether a child in unfavourable or someone else so, in order to bring them in our favour then, the person who is unfavourable his nearest or closest relative should read this Taveez for 41 days and 41 times each day and on the last day mine and stir the Taweez in any sweet drink and give the unfavourable person to drink the same. Inshallah, the unfavoured person will definitely be converted into favourable and a good listener person.


(8). To make the person rid of Bad Habits:-

Some children and adults consume some bad habits which becomes problematic situation for his or her relatives and parents like giving bad words, using nuisance language, negligence, robbing and ignores to work or study and be in a company of vulgar people. So, in this Taveez is very useful. The person who is carrying these bad habits, the parents or relatives should put this Taveez under his pillow for 41 days. After 41 days mix the Taveez into water and give the same water to the person for indulged in bad habits for drinking. Inshallah, all bad habits will be removed from his company.


(9).Ways of getting rid of habits like alcohol, gambling, heroine, sex:-

Any person involved in any such habits for this purpose the Taveez fom the book and keep under his pillow however it may be possible. For 7 days. After 7 days remove the Taveez and read for 21 times and than mix the Taveez in water and sprinkle the water on that person’s clothes and on his bed. After this remove one more Taveez from the book and repeat the same method. Use this method for seven weeks. Inshallah, with the grace of Allah all these bad habits will be finished.


(10). Finishing of Black Magic symptoms:-

Doing Black Magic leads to bad life at your last stage . But Knowing the truth of Black Magic still the people go in for it and they harass other people by doing this who has never thought of what is going on in their life. So to finish the symptoms of Black Magic only the verses of Kuran will be helpful. Our anceslors says to finish the Black Magic reading of Ahad. Nama is very useful. Read and Mix Ahad-Nama in water and the person who is suffering from Black Magic should be given this water to drink for 7 days, 11 times And make one Taveez of Ahad-Nama and make the person wear. Inshallah Black Magic will be cured.

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